About Us

Lighting Imaginations

We are thrilled that anyone who owns a Button Owl product knows they are getting a quality hand designed product. 

Roz Bennett- Button Owl CEO 

Before we created Silver Lightning Designs, we had been happy creating goodies for our children, family and friends.

Then one day after always being asked where we bought these lovely goodies from, we decided we should create our own website for people who wanted unique hand designed quality items.

We were concerned that this would be too big a task, to create and photograph numerous products, especially with four children to look after! 

But after careful planning and realising we’d have to sacrifice some serious sleeping time, myself and my partner began creating and photographing our unique quality hand designed products for people who want something original.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than we had imagined.  Finding the time to photograph all our lovely products was an epic task and the constant grey weather at the time really didn’t help with lighting!  Finding the space to store all our samples along with four children’s belongings was a challenge in itself.  But we carefully considered all these challenges and worked through them together.  We built a well lit workroom with great storage and found some lovely little models to help us photograph our products.  

But all the hard work paid off when we released our first products and the response has been fantastic with the most amazing feedback. We could hardly keep up with demand this Fathter’s Day! This is so inspiring and keeps us wanting to create new original products.   We hope you like our ranges and stay in touch to see all of new exciting products.