How you got here- About us


Lighting Imaginations

We are thrilled that everyone who buys from Button Owl, know they will receive unique beautiful handmade décor worthy of a very special little boy or girl.

Before I created Button Owl, my children slept with the door open at night as they were scared of the dark and I struggled to find affordable original nursery décor.

One day, frustrated with leaving lights on at night to make my children feel safe, I thought of an idea to help them get a good nights sleep.

I had the idea to create special pillows shaped to inspire imaginative play which safely light up to become a nightlight.  The pillows could become a child’s best friend during both the day and night, lighting up to make children feel safe and secure at night to help them sleep.

But starting a new business, meant quitting my job in the city and I was concerned with a sudden loss of income as I have two little girls.

And it turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

I became a single parent, looking after my two very young children and I was worried my income would not be sufficient to cover rent and daily life, but felt it was worth the risk.  It would allow me to see my children each day instead of working and travelling for long hours and to do something I am so passionate about.  I knew how much I believed in my ideas and how much I wanted to create unique handcrafted décor for children who were afraid of the dark and to help imaginative role play.

I decided to design and create the most unique handmade décor for children which I knew would light their imaginations, inspiring play and making them feel secure at night.

After various setbacks, we released our first products and the response has been amazing.  We took a step further and have Trademarked our MyPlayLight pillows and are working on some very exciting new ranges.

The amount of amazing feedback made the leap of faith so worthwhile.  Hearing how products I designed and created, are so loved and comforting for little ones, is completely heart warming.